Welcome to Nordenhams!

High standard of service in all areas

In our industry diligence is everything because laws and regulations are changing all the time. We keep up to date with developments on a weekly basis and undertake regular training. We are pleased to have received the following recognition:

  • A top rating following FAR’s quality review of audit work in autumn 2013! FAR is the professional institute for authorised public accountants, approved public accountants, and other highly qualified professionals in the accountancy sector in Sweden.
  • A top rating following accounting quality checks by SRF in autumn 2013. (SRF konsulterna is Sweden’s leading association of accounting and payroll consultants.)

History and facts about Nordenhams

  • We have clients throughout Sweden, although the majority are based in and around Kungälv, Gothenburg and Stenungsund.
  • We are skilled at languages! We all speak English, but we also have employees who speak German and Turkish.
  • Nine employees focus on accounting and associated fields.


  • Four employees work almost exclusively on audits.
  • The firm has had offices on Västra gatan in Kungälv since 1992, but has its roots in Fredrik Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå AB, which was set up in the first half of the 20th century.