Long-term financial planning

In order to feel confident about our financial situation, we have to think a little further ahead than the end of the month. Financial advice may be useful when it comes to figuring out your pension plans, how you deal with tax issues, making sensible investments or choosing various security solutions in the form of insurance policies. We can answer your questions and help you to calculate the cost of each option.

Why do you need a budget?

Do you think of a budget as being something that never quite balances? We promise that we can make a budget work for you! A budget is the key to success, whether you have a concept you want to develop, have just started a new venture, or have been running a successful company for many years.

When we help to draw up a budget, our starting point is always your specific situation. Using the budget you can steer your business towards your set objectives, be it a certain increase in sales or something else. Regular follow-ups enable you to see whether costs are within limits or whether an account is getting out of hand. If the latter happens, you know exactly where you need to make adjustments to get back on track.

Accounts are a good way to keep on top of your budget. If you do your own accounts, you can call us with questions about how best to enter a specific item. For example, what is the best way to enter the first increased lease payment on a leasing car? What is the best way to record the value of a property? Correct accounting means that you pay the right amount of tax, can make the deductions you are entitled to and, ultimately, free up money for investments to help your company move forward.

You may require financial advice if you...

Want to start a company: There are various rules and regulations governing how the authorities view your company and guidelines which they expect you to follow when running a business. We can help you to understand what the various options involve, how they affect your financial prospects and what aspects may be optional. For instance, there are different types of business, including sole traders, trading partnerships or limited companies; then there is the extent to which you will run the business and whether or not you will operate in other countries.

Want to buy or sell a company: If you are planning to buy a company, you will naturally want to know what it is worth. We can help to compile information which you can use to determine whether the acquisition is a good investment or not.

We can also help with valuing your own company. We work with a number of solicitors and lawyers who are able to assist in drawing up the documents needed in connection with an acquisition, a sale or similar transactions.

Are on the verge of a generation change: Is your company on the verge of a generation change? In these situations it is important to consider how various courses of action can affect a company’s finances.