Our Co-Workers

Kerstin Nordenham Murby

Authorised public accountant, authorised accounting consultant and owner

After completing an MSc in Business and Economics at Lund University I began working for Fredrik Nordenham. Fredrik was one of Sweden’s first authorised public accountants. I later started my own business and now run the audit firm, which has attracted some wonderful employees over the years.

We have fun at work every day and are motivated by a desire to develop in terms of both quality and creativity. We are expanding our networks in order to be able to access the best experts in all fields that we may be expected to encounter in our work.

Eivor Sunesson

Audit assistant

I’m one of the most experienced members of our team, but still young at heart. I work with young people with the same level of enthusiasm. I’ve been employed at Nordenhams Revisionbyrå since 1997. I work with annual accounts for small businesses and accounting. I have personal experience of running a small company from my husband’s business.

I am from Myggenäs – a place that I love.

Mats Larsson

Audit assistant

I have always liked working with numbers, first in payroll and now in finance, accounting and annual accounts. I find contact with all of my clients stimulating.

My interests, outside of my family and our cats, include socialising with friends, travel, gardening, music, dancing, culture, nature and history.

Tomas Murby

Management consultant

Has an MSc in Engineering (Electronics) from Chalmers University of Technology. Has worked with the manufacturing industry at IBM in Sweden and the USA. A management consultant specialising in business strategy since 1984, for all kinds of competitive operations, based on scientific links between business strategy and how this affects profitability and growth.

In my free time I enjoy music, sailing, home renovation and spending time with family and friends.

Gabriel Wehling

Auditor, assistant office manager

I have worked at Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå AB since late 2011. Before that I completed a Master’s in Public Management and played a lot of football as goalkeeper for Utsiktens BK.

In my free time I enjoy fishing and socialising with family and friends.

David Hartman

Auditor, office manager, partner

I have an MSc in Business and Economics from Lund University and have been office manager at Kungälv since 2015. I work primarily on audits, providing tax consultations and dealing with matters to do with accounting. I specialise in small and medium-sized companies.

I am interested in learning new things, travel and skiing.

Olof Johnsson

Accounting consultant

Linn Johansson

Accounting consultant

Dennis Akdemir

Authorised accounting consultant FAR

I have worked at Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå AB since 2012. Before that I studied at the University of Borås, where I gained a Master’s degree in Business and Economics.

My hobbies include sports in general and football in particular. I also enjoy socialising with my nearest and dearest

Hanna Sandberg

Authorised accounting consultant FAR

I graduated as an accountant from IHM Business School in 2013. Since then I’ve been working at Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå. What I enjoy about my job is the warm atmosphere in the office and being able to follow the development of our clients and their companies.

I spend most of my leisure time exercising with my dog Saffran, who ‘helps out’ around the office. I also try to find time to go horse-riding a few times a week.

Ann-Sofie Åberg

Accounting consultant

I’ve been working at Nordenhams revisionsbyrå since 2013 after I graduated from Jensen Education as an accountant.

The best aspect of my job is being able to develop every day in a wonderful, relaxed environment. When I’m not at work, I’m busy with my family and children or enjoying music and sports.

Tobias Olbers

Accounting consultant

I studied for two years at Affärshögskolan in Gothenburg at the program for business accountants. What I enjoy about being an accountant is being able both to meet people and work with numbers.

I live in Hagen in Västra Frölunda with my wife and son. My two main hobbies are music and sports. In regards to sports, my biggest passions are football and ice hockey.

Emelie Andersson

Accounting consultant

I have a degree in business and accounting from Yrgo in Gothenburg. What I like most about my job is working with numbers and always beeing able to learn something new.

In my spare time I enjoy beeing out on the sea in our boat and in the winter I like to skii.

Mattias Collin

Accounting and payroll consultant

Economics and numbers have always been of great interest to me and here at Nordenham Revisionsbyrå they are not scarce. I have a degree as a payroll and financial consultant from YHIM and have been working at Nordenhams since the fall of 2017. My positive thinking helps me to find joy in what I do, something that I also try to convey to our customers and my coworkers.

My leisure time is mostly spent with my amazing family. In addition, I like to yoga, meditate, dive and hang out with friends.

Jan Sandström

Accounting consultant

I’m one of the newest members of the team, but have worked in finance previously and have an MSc in Business and Economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and cooperating closely with clients.

My main interests, besides my family and our dog Molly, are floorball, photography and baking.

Arne Murby


Martin Lorentsson

Audit assistant

I’ve been working at Nordenhams since autumn 2016. Before that I got my master’s degree in accounting from the University of Gothenburg.

I’ve played soccer and was active as a referee in my youth, but my current interest in sports is limited to watching it from our TV-sofa. Apart from that, most of my time is spent with family and friends.

Amanda Persson

Accounting consultant