Focusing on two things at the same time can certainly be tricky.

Stop thinking? Ask us!

We know all about economy


Focusing on two things at the same time can certainly be tricky.

Stop wondering! Ask us.

We know about all the new rules.


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Your car has an annual MOT, doesn’t it? Think of an audit as an MOT for your company. Your audit firm runs through a check list and ensures that all elements of the company are functioning as intended and are being managed correctly.

Unlike an MOT, however, these checks are always carried out in close cooperation with the owner. This is necessary because we possess expertise in different areas and fields. You know your business – we know which laws and regulations pertain to your business. Together, we provide a quality stamp for your company.

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We are happy to help with the current recording of transactions. It can be difficult to make time for this, can’t it? And it is not always easy to know how to enter an item. The information has to be correct legally and preferably also favourable from a financial standpoint.

The advantage of a well-organised and transparent set of accounts is that it makes your everyday work easier. You can keep a close eye on liquidity, and it provides the company’s management with a firmer foundation for financial decisions. You can plan and manage operations based on facts rather than guesswork.

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Not your usual audit firm

We want to be more than just an audit firm. We want to give you back more than reports and binders full of paper. Auditing and accounting is essentially about running companies in the right way so that they make a profit. Our guess would be that that is your plan too.

If you are new to the business world, we can explain the financial terminology and what it means. Once you understand how it all works, you also know which instruments of control are available to your company.

If you already have some commercial experience, we can serve as a sounding board or help to devise a strategy to take your company to the next level.

We believe in networking and benefiting from the know-how and experience of others. Nordenhams Revisionsbyrå serves as a hub, providing contact with and access to individuals who can support your business and take it where you want it to go. Tax advisers, lawyers, strategists – we assign you a contact with access to a complete network!